Currently the graphic designer and admin coordinator at STEL in Santa Barbara, California. STEL is an industrial design agency that specializes in sporting goods, consumer electronics, and the outdoor space. We work with clients such as Best Buy, Under Armour, Polaris, Nomad, and more. As a designer at STEL, I have the privilege of designing logos, packages, out-of-home products, web pages, and presentations for our clients. As the admin coordinator, I help with the following items: recruiting, social media, scheduling meetings between the STEL team and clients, tracking hours, maintaining office supplies, shipping and mailing of all products, travel support, and tracking expenses.

If I am not at a desk designing, or behind a camera exploring, I am probably 5 spoons deep in some Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's while watching New Girl on Netflix, or drooling over the latest edition of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly. Living 5 minutes from both the beach and the mountains, I could also be lost on a trail or soaking up some sun.