I solve

Currently, I am a UI/UX Designer at Vesst working remotely from Sylvania, Ohio. Vesst is a multidisciplinary design agency that focuses on web design, web coding, and branding. To tell you that I love what I do would be an understatement. It doesn't get much better than waking up and being able to work from wherever I want for the day with clients that allow me to pursue my creative passion.

If I am not at a desk designing, or behind a camera exploring, I am probably 5 spoons deep in some Speculoos Cookie Butter, baking up a Lil' Buff Protein Cake, weight-lifting my worries away, watching New Girl on Netflix, figuring out how to keep my succulents alive, or drooling over the latest edition of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly. I have found a love for traveling and discovering new parts of the world. Reach out for design work or send me an email with the most remarkable place you've been and we'll bond.